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Forward California Action Fund is a non-profit social welfare – 501c4 – organization whose purpose is to promote civic engagement and representative government of, by, and for all Americans. Founded by the activists behind Swing SoCal Left — now So Cal Blue — a progressive grass roots organizer in Southern California, Forward California channels small donations (we take no money from corporate PACs) into the emerging grass roots infrastructure.

Since early 2017, Swing SoCal Left/SoCal Blue has played a key role in nurturing coalitions of southland volunteers who worked to register and turn out thousands of voters for the 2018 midterm elections. The record high turnout swept into Congress a wave of fresh faces who represent ordinary Americans of every social and economic stripe, not just a privileged few.

By consolidating the 2018 gains and exporting its tools and methods to other states in the 2020 election cycle, Forward California looks ahead to augmenting the resurgence of democracy in America.