Forward California supports SoCal Blue's common, web-based event calendar for the Southern California region.

Posting to the Calendar

The SoCal Blue calendar is public, and posting opportunity is available to any individual or grassroots organization that organizes or promotes events in the region. Forward California does not endorse or fund specific candidates or political campaigns. The calendar website is staffed and maintained by volunteers who work at home. Calendar maintainence is funded through donations.

About the Calendar



Voter Registration is a prime goal of democracy activism. SoCal Blue's calendar prioritizes Voter Reg events as the most important way to engage citizens. 

Get out the vote

An engaged citizenry votes. Turnout events such as canvassing, phone banking, and text banking form the backbone of the SoCal Blue calendar. 

Voter education

An informed electorate leads to a vibrant democracy. The calendar lists many  opportunities for voter education such as redistricting, club, and city council meetings. 

Reliable, Accurate, Complete

A calendar only works when its information is trusted

SoCal Blue volunteers work diligently to track, verify, and enter event information. For this  reason, the calendar has become the go-to resource for activists, organizers, and volunteers across the Southland and nationwide.